A new/old beginning

I’m going to be moving this year, back to my old house. I like this little rental house where I am, but my personal life has had a change of course and my wife and I will once again be living as, well, husband and wife. So, what does this mean for this casual homesteader?

First, it makes absolutely no sense to plant a garden where I am now. However, I do need to till the area up and replant it to grass for the next tenant to enjoy. Maybe the new tenants would like to have a garden, but it will be halfway through the summer before they move in and I am more inclined to leave things as I found them, rather than leaving a bare plot of tilled up ground. Then again, as we all know, if you leave a plot of tilled ground bare, it doesn’t stay that way for long. Without having planted a garden last year I wound up having to mow it.

So is it the end of the garden? Nope. I had a garden before at the old house and my wife is chomping at the bit to have one this year. There will be a lot of work to get it ready, though, as there are many small, weedy trees that have grown up around the outside of the garden over the years. Too much shade for a garden, so they have to go. I guess the garden is in as bad a shape as I am. We’ll see which one of us prevails, but at least I have my wife as an ally in this war.

I have more space and less risk of people messing with the garden where I am now. For the new garden it would really be nice if we could put a tall fence at least across the back of the property. I’ll have to see if the budget will bear that burden. Moving alone is not going to be cheap. In reality, I really wish that we could buy a house out of the city with a good space for a garden, but financially that ain’t gonna happen. Oh well. At least there is space for a garden. I’ll have to take some pictures as we get along with that project.

So what’s the first order of business for this new/old garden? For Valentine’s Day I took my wife to the store to buy whatever seeds she wanted, so we are off to a start there. She even bought seeds to start tomato plants. I have not had great success with that lately and would be more likely to just buy plants, but what the heck, we’ll give it a go. We can always fall back to buying the plants. We should start those plants in a few weeks, so we need to set up an area for that. We’ll see if we can stick to that schedule.

So that’s the new/old beginning. I’m looking forward to living with my wife once again, but not so much to all the work the place is going to need to whip the garden into shape (not to mention other parts of the old house that really need work). Thankfully, it’s not the acre garden that we once had, so I think we will be able to handle it. I’ll be following up with pictures in later posts. Wish us luck.