Garden update – July 7

Still wet –


I have been able to get into the garden occasionally to do a little weeding now and then, and I have the beets thinned out. I replanted the missing part of the row of green beans, as well as planting in a few other bare sections, but it just doesn’t seem to be doing well. I don’t know if there is something in the soil there that is causing problems (like a root?) or what, but it is disappointing. I think I may try to fill in the area with some bunching onions.

The summer squash is doing quite well –


I think it will probably provide me with more than I can eat. The beets, as I said, have been thinned, though they are looking a little scraggly. Then again, they usually do when they are young –

Garden070713BThe cucumbers are growing –

Garden070713CThe tomatoes are looking good and I have to keep coralling them in the cages –


And best of all, they have tomatoes!!


Unless something goes unexpectedly bad, I should be having tomatoes in a few weeks.

So that’s where it’s at today. Slower growing, I think, than it would be if it were in the full sun. I don’t have that option, but at least it looks like I should be able to grow at least a little produce this year.

If anyone is reading this, what are you growing this year?