Garden update – July 18

Things are growing well. It’s always rewarding to see your efforts amounting to something.


I think it is obvious, though, that the back left section of the garden is doing best. It is the part that gets the most sun, and I guess it shows. I was reading that root crops will do okay in partial sun but that they will take longer to mature and will perhaps be smaller. That would work well for my beets if that is true.

The summer squash is really coming along now. It has a lot of blossoms on it and I’m sure will be fruiting in no time –


The cucumbers are doing pretty good, too. Even though they are not real big and bushy, they are putting out flowers so the prospects of a cucumber crop are looking good. Love those bread and butter pickles!


The tomatoes have been growing steadily and putting out blossoms, some of which you can see in this picture –


There are multiple tomatoes growing, too. Pretty soon I’ll need to stack another tomato cage on top of the existing one to keep the plants from growing all over the place.

And finally, the green beans are putting out flowers –


They are pretty little purple blossoms which you can most easily see on the larger plants on the right. I think these green beans really show the effect of more and less sunlight. Maybe I can find a section of the yard that has more sunlight during the day. Have you ever done a sun/shade survey of your yard? I haven’t done it here but I have elsewhere. It sure helps to know what the growing conditions are over your whole property at any time of day and any day of the year, or at least during the growing season. Unfortunately, my main growing condition on this property is shade.

I’m happy so far with the results. Though not as good as I would like them to be, they are pretty much what I thought they might be.