More produce – 8/1/13

Just came in from the garden. It’s a rather nice day out there today. Mid 80’s are a bit warm for me, but it’s not humid and there is a breeze, so it was a good time to do a little hoeing. Of course, it’s never that simple, and I saw that the green beans needed to be picked again.

I went through all the bean plants and picked the bigger beans, but there are still quite a few coming, so I’ll have to do this one or two times more. I wound up with another 2 3/4 pounds of green beans. I also found a small summer squash ready to pick.

I checked the cucumber plants and I have a few small cukes, with quite a few very little ones forming. I think I’ll have a good harvest there. The tomatoes aren’t growing as much as I had hoped. It could be that they just are not getting enough sun. No ripe tomatoes yet, but there are several growing. I think I saw a little bit of a reddish tinge to some, but that could just be wishful thinking.

I should set up an irrigation system out there to make sure things get enough water. I picked up a couple of soaker hoses I had stored and I have some drip irrigation hose stored in the same place. I think I should get that, too, so that I can more directly water specific plants. Rain showers tonight and tomorrow should help keep things growing along. Maybe this weekend I can set up the watering system.

The beets are not looking good. Too shady, I think, in that corner of the garden. Next year I think I will expand the garden a few feet at the far end and not count on the shadiest parts of the garden. The sparse area of the garden where the green beans would not grow may be suffering from a tree root that is sucking the water from that section of the garden. I’m not really sure what is going on there, but tonight I planted some bunching onions in that unproductive stretch. I’ll see if any of those come up. If not, then I think I will have to mark that part of the garden off limits, too.

That’s the garden report for today.