The harvest begins

The labor is starting to pay off now – produce is coming out of the garden. I knew I had a couple of small, yellow crookneck summer squash ready to pick, but when I got up this morning and looked out at the garden, I could tell that they were no longer small. Time to bring them in. The summer squash plant is doing well. Here is the plant and my squash in situ

Garden_072713_SSThe plant is looking a little droopy from the long, hot day, but that’s normal. The cucumber plants are growing but not too quickly. There are a bunch of tiny little cukes forming, too small to see without a close-up photo –

Garden_072713_cukeThe beets are looking a bit pathetic –


The further back you go in that corner of the garden the more barren it becomes. Just too much shade and perhaps not enough moisture.

The green beans are doing fairly well, in spite of the patchiness in some places –


As a matter of fact, while I was out there harvesting the summer squash, it became apparent that I had to pick the beans today, too. It’s a bit of a back-breaking job, but no pain, no gain.

Garden_072713_GreenBeansBesides starting the harvesting, I took the time to add an extension onto the tops of the tomato cages (I know it’s a little hard to see it) –


The tomatoes are not growing as strongly as I had hoped, but they are growing and it’s better to get the extensions on the cages now rather than wait until I have to wrestle the plants into submission just to take care of the cages. Actually, what I called an extension is actually just another tomato cage. I slip the legs of it into the top of the existing cage and then twist wire around the two cages in two corners to keep them together. It works well.

In the end I picked over four pounds of green beans, two largish and one small summer squash. A nice beginning.