Laid low

It is a beautiful weekend here. I’ll enjoy it, but only from the comfort of my bed or chair. Somehow I have managed to screw up my lower back and I can’t move without pain. It’s hard to do anything around the “homestead” when there is a risk that your legs will give out from the pain of doing nothing more than taking a step.

Living in my suburban world this isn’t the problem it would be if I were living in the wilderness. When your life depends on being active every day, being laid up for a few days could be disastrous. It is the risk one assumes when living an independent lifestyle.

While I know I will eventually recover, it is terribly inconvenient, and is a cautionary event that should make me rethink the way I do things. I am not sure exactly why my back is feeling this way, but I did pick green beans the other day and, I must confess, I do so by bending over at the waist. It was a fair amount of picking, and I had picked beans just the weekend before, too. The fact that I had to keep standing up and stretching to keep on picking should have told me I was pushing it.

Then again, maybe it was the 50# sack of sunflower seeds that I had to lift into and out of the trunk of my car. Or maybe it’s that I’m just plain out of shape, or that this weight on the front of me is hard on the backside of me, or maybe just a combination of all these things.

So, the idea of a roll-along seat that I can use while picking green beans is very appealing. Ideally I should do more squatting (lift with the legs) when working in the garden, but with these knees that would put me down for sure. Stretching and exercise is definitely called for.

Take this as a warning to look at the way you do things, too, and look for ways to make things easier for you. You’re not less of a woman or man for doing so and might actually extend the number of years you can be active.