Last of the pressure canning – 2013

Yesterday I picked the last significant batch of green beans. I cleaned and snapped them last night and tonight I canned them Only enough for five pints, and one of those pints was skimpy. Unless something unusual comes along, I should be done with the pressure canner for the year. There are a few beans still growing, but only enough to pick and eat.

I picked what cucumbers there were, too. They are not doing well either. Most of them were misshapen and stunted. I think that if I want to make some pickles this year I am going to have to hit the farmstand for cukes. I suppose I might get more off my plants, but nowhere near what I was hoping.

I was talking to my friend, the master gardener, on Saturday about the lackluster performance of my garden this year. We were talking about soil testing and he told me he doesn’t usually bother with that in his own garden. He puts down several bags of compost every year and that does it.

That got me to thinking that I really am expecting more out of this garden than I deserve. After all, all I did was turn the soil over several times and plant. I didn’t rake out the old grass nor did I supplement the soil in any way. I fertilized the tomato plants and the cucumbers with some generic fertilizer, but I doubt that helped much. If I’m still able to garden next year I will have to invest in the soil.