Jammed up until fall

Today was blueberry jam time. I had purchased six pints of blueberries at the same time I had purchased the sweet cherries with the intention of making jam using the Ball® Jam & Jelly Maker. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a simple recipe for blueberry jam using the jam maker or otherwise. Finally, on the Ball (www.freshpreserving.com) web site I used the “Fresh Tools” menu to get to the Pectin Calculator (under “Reference Tools”), where I was able to specify the fruit, what I wanted to make, and the pectin I wanted to use, and have it give me a recipe that I could scale to fit my needs.

I went with low sugar for this jam. I didn’t want it overwhelmed with sweet. After processing the jam pretty much as I processed all the others, I ended up with eight half pints, plus just a little.

BlueberryJamJam on an English muffin is the best thing. However, making jam from the whole blueberries does give it a bit of an odd, coarse texture, though nothing terrible. And wouldn’t you know, after making the low sugar version, I found that this might have been better a little bit sweeter. Then again, if I had made it sweeter, I probably would be thinking it was too sweet. Never a happy medium, I guess.

That ends my jam making until the fall when I think I will make some apply jelly and apple butter. The Jam & Jelly Maker would work for apple jelly, but apple butter will have to be done the old fashioned way. I need to find a place to score some free apples. Hmmm, I wonder if those apple trees are still standing on the vacant property where I once lived.