Garden update – 9/3/13

I haven’t been doing much in my garden. Last Friday night and Saturday morning we had a lot of rain, so it was wet in there. Tonight I decided to go out and pick the ripe tomatoes. Unfortunately, I waited until late evening and my entrance into the garden was greeted by a squadron of obviously hungry mosquitoes.  By the time I had picked the third tomato, I had been buzzed in one ear, bit on my cheek, and swarmed to the point where I said, “Screw this!” I’ll go out tomorrow after work when the day is still hot and pick the rest.

I did look around, though, and I see that my cucumber plants are pretty pathetic, with the middle hill totally defeated. I won’t be getting enough cukes to make any pickles from my garden. However, there are new blossoms on a lot of my green bean plants. It looks like I might get a second, though smaller, harvest from them. I need to pick them over and get the older beans off. Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow, too.

The bunching onions I planted in the bare spot of one row of green beans are not growing well. I really wonder why things are not growing there, and even begin to wonder whether I should eat anything that grows there anyways. Maybe someone, sometime, dumped something not too plant friendly there, and I sure wouldn’t want to eat something that might have absorbed whatever that might have been. Still, grass was growing there just fine, so maybe that’s not it. It’s a mystery.

The beets are coming along, but they won’t be worth more than a couple of meals. It’s just too shady in that corner and, I think, too near the big maple tree. In the fall I am planning on tilling up more of my yard to enlarge the garden on the north and west sides. That space receives more sunlight than the corner that the beets are in. I’ll probably not bother growing anything in that corner again next year, or if I do, will do so knowing I won’t get much from it. That assumes, of course, that I’ll be around next year to garden and that I’ll be up to it. I think I will.