Frost Warning

It was the first frost warning of the season, so last night I was out in the garden, holding a flashlight in my mouth, throwing a couple of old sheets over the tomato plants. When I went out to go to work this morning I didn’t see any frost, so I guess I didn’t need to make that effort.

I left the sheets on the tomato plants during the day, which I would not normally do, but the truth is that with the extensions on the tomato cages, the sheets I put out barely covered the tops of the tomato plants. If there was a frost it would have probably hit the plants anyways. When I got home I took the sheets off, which had already taken themselves half-way off, and I untied the cage extensions and put them away for the year. The tomato plants didn’t really grow tall enough to need the extensions.

The tomato plants are looking a bit raggedy anyways. It is just about time to shut down the whole garden for the year. There is one more small batch of ripe tomatoes to pick and a bunch of green ones if I feel like making fried green tomatoes. I have never tried that, so I’m thinking it might be interesting to do so. We’ll see.

The bunching onions I planted in the bare spot that the green beans would not grow in didn’t grow much either. There is a small row of onions only about two to three inches high. Something is definitely odd in that location. It makes me think that maybe I shouldn’t eat anything that might grow there.

The green beans have kept producing, but I haven’t been harvesting much. Most of the beans are big and drying now. The beets didn’t grow very large either. If I dig them up and cook them all at one time I don’t think I would have a meal’s worth. The cucumber plants kicked the bucket long ago without producing hardly anything at all.

I think this coming weekend is the deadline for putting the garden to sleep. I’ll harvest what is available, pull all the plants out, pull up the fence and till the whole garden again. I’m going to expand the garden one tiller width to the west and north, creating a bit more garden space further away from the maple tree in the yard, and I may just plant some grass on the equivalent size area on the east side (tree side) of the garden, since nothing much else is going to grow there. I’ll take pics for the record before I wrap the garden up.