Final pass and fence up

I finally got a chance to do the final tilling of the garden. It’s looking pretty good right now. I also took the time to pound the fence posts in and string the garden fencing. It’s not a tall fence, but it should work well enough to keep the rabbits out. Normally I would bury the bottom few inches in the dirt and use wire to attach the fence to the posts, but I guess I’m getting lazy in my old age. That, or I am misplacing my trust in the rabbits not to go digging.

As long as there was no gap at the bottom of the fence, I figured it would be okay. I also just tied the fence to the fence posts with twine. I didn’t even cut the fence to exact length. I bought two fifty foot rolls and there was a little left after fencing two sides of the garden. Rather than cut it off, though, I decided just to let it wrap up a little at the end and leave it. If I make the garden a couple of feet longer next year, I’ll have enough fence for it.

I plan on pulling the fence out at the end of the year. I want to use it again next year and don’t want it to go through the winter weather. It’s also a lot easier to till the garden in the spring without the fence posts in the way. I’m planning on planting tomorrow, weather permitting. Please weather, permit it.