Planting started

I was finally able to get out and get the first part of the garden planted. I would like to have finished it but it’s a workday night and after a whole day of work this was all I had the oomph to get done. Here’s an overall view –

Garden060413AYou can see how I left the fence end rolled up and not cut off. The roll at the near end is serving as my fence gate. I pull it aside to open the closest left side of the fence to get into the garden. You always hate to walk on your freshly turned garden soil, but you can’t plant it if you don’t. I don’t usually put down any kind of mulch or anything, as I rely on a hoe to keep things weed free.

The main part of the garden is not planted yet. Everything is planted around the edges right now. Down at the far end are the tomatoes.

Garden060413BThe white things are plastic milk carton rings. I don’t know that they were necessary but as I spent good money on buying special tomato plants this year, I wanted to put up a barrier to anything that might want to cut them off at the base. You can see that I also put the tomato cages in place, too. Next to the tomatoes is a hill of summer squash.


The summer squash is at the front of this picture, with the tomatoes just to the right. I hope the squash is a bush variety (the package doesn’t say one way or the other) but even if not I think I can manage. I only have one hill planted because I won’t eat more than that and have nothing else I would do with them, other than the usual giving away of excess garden produce.

Going forward from the summer squash, I have three hills of pickling bush cucumbers planted. You can barely see the three little white markers that show where I planted them. This is on the shadier side of the garden and I know cukes like sun, so I’m not sure how well they will do.

That’s it for right now. I’ll have to get the green beans and beets planted another day. For right now, though, I’m very happy that I was finally able to get the tomato plants in the ground.